Lawn & Landscape

Midwest Outdoor Service is a full service lawn care and landscape contractor serving the Twin City area.

Curb Creations the “original” landscape curbing company that introduced this process to the Midwest area we assist homeowners in enhancing aesthetics, reducing maintenance, and adding value to their home and landscape.

Outside of Minnesota:
Landscape Design Sydney - Harrison's Landscaping Sydney, Sydney's leading landscaping design & Landscaping company, Landscaping Sydney & Landscaping Design, Landscapers Sydney.

Fences Ottawa - Novesco Fence Inc. offers top quality fence, deck, pergolas and Gazebo. Serving the greater Ottawa valley and Outaouais region for more than 35 years.

Ornamental Fence - We offer high quality Aluminum Fences for residential and commercial applications. We also offer custom made Swimming Pool and ornamental fencing.
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